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Meet The Nordic Capital Cities

The Nordic capitals are amongst the prettiest places to visit in Europe. In the northernmost cities – like Oslo and Reykjavik- you can catch sightings of the spectacular aurora borealis. Further south, in the towns like Helsinki, fantastic mountain trails and fresh Nordic forests is just a stone’s throw away from the town’s centre.


What Is Nordic Noir?

Nordic Noir crime fiction first blossomed into global consciousness with Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series back in 2006. Since then, Nordic tales of gruesome murder cases have become a popular cultural product. Take, for instance, the widely praised TV series, The Killing. The Danish drama, despite the inclusion of subtitles, had UK viewers hooked back in …


8 Norwegian Must-Try Foods & Popular Dishes

Norway is known for its geographical wonders: beautiful deep fjords and jagged coastline, mesmerising Northern lights and majestic glaciers. So often, visitors forget about the fascinating cuisine that has been cultivating for thousands of years in this Nordic country – a cuisine that is intrinsically linked with the beautiful, wild landscape. The Norwegian coastline is …