About Us

At Nordic Life, our mission is to promote and champion the Nordics around the world. From Nordic design to Nordic cuisine to Nordic noir – there are so many exciting aspects to life in this region that we just want to shout about.

The Nordic countries really do have it all. The people, the culture, centuries of traditions still upheld mixed with progressive ideas… Each country has its own unique character and charm, yet there are many similarities across the region (a mutual love of meatballs and pickled herring, for example). The natural landscape varies between endless forest-y wilderness, breathtaking fjords, pristine glaciers, beautiful beaches and a trillion islands to explore. And that’s before we even mention the cities – some of the trendiest in the world, with a food scene envied by everyone and such a distinct fashion that the term ‘Scandi chic’ is synonymous around the world with style and simplicity. Quite simply, we’re in love.

So if you’re new to the Nordics and you want to find out more, you’ve come to the right place. Our passionate team of writers and explorers cover all aspects of Nordic living, from travelling guides to sauna etiquette. Get to know the faces behind Nordic Life, below.

(Heads up, they know a thing or two about how to throw a crayfish party.)



Kayleigh Töyrä

Kayleigh is a Finnish/English hybrid and proud, growing up in Helsinki and moving to Bristol when she was 15. She loves writing and has a passion for all things contenty and creative. Kayleigh created Nordic life because she wants the rest of the world to get to know this fantastic region.


Bethan Forbes

Bethan is a Bristol-based digital copywriter whose main passions are food and travelling. Bethan loves spending time with her boyfriend’s Swedish family at the summerhouse eating crayfish and playing Kub, or visiting nearby cities Malmo and Copenhagen – wandering the streets in search of exciting Nordic cuisine (or hotdogs, she’s not fussy).



Angela Luffman

Angela is a freelance copywriter who interested in ballet and nature photography. She also loves being outdoors – camping or going on long nature hikes. Very friluftsliv.