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Guide To Salmiakki: Meet Nordic Salty Liquorice

Salmiakki (or salmiak), a candy mostly seen in the Nordics, has an unusual taste for a sweet: it’s actually salty.  Salmiak’s characteristic salty taste actually comes from ammonium chloride, not sodium chloride (salt) — though the difference is hard to spot.  Salmiak is usually known as salty liquorice. The Finns are the number one consumers …


The Wonderful World Of Nordic Berries

Over the last few years, an increasing number of people around the world have become obsessed with Nordic cooking. Nordic cuisine is linked with each country’s landscape and the availability of ingredients dependant on the season. In the summer months, Nordic landscapes are characterised by nearly 24-hours of sunlight a day – bathing forest floors with dew-soaked berries in myriad colours and varieties. However, these heady days of endless sunlight are finite, and during the long, cold winter months, natural foods of all varieties are scarce.


Nordic Tech Startups To Watch

Scandinavian countries are often described as the ideal ‘sandbox’ testing ground for innovative business ideas. In fact, there are nearly as many tech startups in Scandinavia as there is in Silicon Valley. This may be due to the populations of countries like Sweden being amongst the most well-connected – with internet adoption at around 84%. …

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Meet The Nordic Capital Cities

The Nordic capitals are amongst the prettiest places to visit in Europe. In the northernmost cities – like Oslo and Reykjavik- you can catch sightings of the spectacular aurora borealis. Further south, in the towns like Helsinki, fantastic mountain trails and fresh Nordic forests is just a stone’s throw away from the town’s centre.


What Is Nordic Walking? Your Beginner’s Guide

The History Of Nordic Walking Nordic walking as an exercise technique, began in Finland in the 1930s when Finland’s Olympic cross-country ski team used their ski poles on hikes during off-season training. The poles provided support allowing team members to maintain a biomechanically-correct walking position. In the decades that followed, many cross-country skiers tried this …