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Best Restaurants In The Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries have some of the best restaurants in the world. The global restaurant scene has come a long way from being all about how many cheeses make up your cheeseboard, the number of ways you can reconceptualise the …

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The Influence Of Nordic Food Around The World

What’s your answer to the question, “what is your favourite cuisine”? You might imagine a slightly charred, tomato & mozzarella-laden Neapolitan pizza, drizzled with olive oil.  It may be a rich, fragrant sauce embracing chunks of yielding lamb on a …

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Best Non-Nordic Restaurants Across The Nordic Region

The Eateries Shunning The New Nordic Stereotype The Nordic countries are revered by chefs and gastronomes across the world as being the home of possibly the most enticing, forward-thinking and sustainable food cultures of the modern day.  (Check out some …


Guide To Salmiakki: Meet Nordic Salty Liquorice

Salmiakki (or salmiak), a candy mostly seen in the Nordics, has an unusual taste for a sweet: it’s actually salty.  Salmiak’s characteristic salty taste actually comes from ammonium chloride, not sodium chloride (salt) — though the difference is hard to …


The Wonderful World Of Nordic Berries

Over the last few years, an increasing number of people around the world have become obsessed with Nordic cooking. Nordic cuisine is linked with each country’s landscape and the availability of ingredients dependant on the season. In the summer months, Nordic landscapes are characterised by nearly 24-hours of sunlight a day – bathing forest floors with dew-soaked berries in myriad colours and varieties. However, these heady days of endless sunlight are finite, and during the long, cold winter months, natural foods of all varieties are scarce.


Nordic Breakfasts: How Nordics Start Their Day

Swedish Frukost The Swedes start off each day with a strongly brewed coffee. Breakfast in Sweden is a low-key affair –  a simple bowl of cereal or berries with milk or filmjölk (a soured milk that’s somewhere between milk and …


8 Norwegian Must-Try Foods & Popular Dishes

Norway is known for its geographical wonders: beautiful deep fjords and jagged coastline, mesmerising Northern lights and majestic glaciers. So often, visitors forget about the fascinating cuisine that has been cultivating for thousands of years in this Nordic country – …


Top 10 Classic Danish Delicacies To Try

Smørrebrød If there’s one thing you could call the quintessential Danish dish, it’d be the smørrebrød: the Danish open sandwich. This can be eaten as a snack or for any of the three meals of the day. The base is …