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Old Town Tallinn, Estonia, Baltics
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Meet The Baltic Countries: Neighbours To The Nordics

Baltics: Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania The Baltic region has a rich cultural heritage and history. The Baltics are home to some stunning nature, and today, Baltic countries are known for their innovative and technologically-minded societies. There are some striking similarities …

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Meet The Nordic Capital Cities

The Nordic capitals are amongst the prettiest places to visit in Europe. In the northernmost cities – like Oslo and Reykjavik- you can catch sightings of the spectacular aurora borealis. Further south, in the towns like Helsinki, fantastic mountain trails and fresh Nordic forests is just a stone’s throw away from the town’s centre.

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Midsummer: The Most Nordic of Celebrations

Midsummer’s Eve is quite possibly the most Nordic of celebrations, and one that is so important that it even rivals Christmas as the most important holiday in the Nordic calendar. Midsummer marks the start of the annual summer holiday and …