Finnish company Sulapac has been winning awards all over the eco shop in the past few years. Their product  — beautiful, ecological packaging material — is aimed at reducing plastic waste and saving the planet. Sounds good right? Read on to find out more.

So what is Sulapac?

Sulapac is the brainchild of Finnish natives Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen. Together, these biomaterial experts have come up with an incredible plastic packaging alternative: a new packaging material made from sustainably-sourced, renewable raw materials. 

They only use wood from sustainably managed Nordic forests and natural adhesive, which means Sulapac is totally biodegradable. It’s also toxin-free, has a low carbon footprint, and can be mass-produced in much the same way plastic is as the moment. 

How it all began

Sulapac was born out of the frustration that even though you can now buy eco-friendly cosmetics, they will still come in plastic packaging that is harmful to the planet. 

Founding duo Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen believed that a new solution needed to be found for our current global plastic waste crisis: non-plastic packaging alternatives. 

They were inspired by the beauty of the Finnish forest and how they could harness this to create ecological but still stylish packaging to help tackle plastic waste.

Their customers and partners

Image credit: Sulapac

The Finnish duo have been working primarily with cosmetic companies, with plans to gradually branch out into other industries.

Finnish company Naviter were the first to use Sulapac’s eco-packaging for their Atopik range of natural cosmetics. It means their eco-friendly products can now match up with packaging that is also good for the environment — both draw inspiration from Finnish nature and contain no microplastics. Skincare brand Niki Newd is also using packaging by Sulapac for its all-natural products.

Sulapac also started a collaboration with leading Finnish jewellery company, Kultakeskus. The two companies have worked together to design sophisticated, fully biodegradable jewellery cases for the Kohinoor range of diamond jewellery.

More recently, Fazer — once of the biggest and oldest corporations in the Finnish food industry — have started working with Sulapac to create more responsible packaging solutions for their food products, including for their Christmas 2018 products.

Winning awards

Image credit: Sulapac

In 2017, Sulapac won the Green Alley Award for their innovative eco-packaging. The Green Alley Award was created for startups and entrepreneurs in the circular economy — an alternative to traditional linear economy (where resources and made, used and disposed of). 

Their mission is to transform the recycling and waste industry as we know it by nurturing and promoting business like Sulapac that have the potential to revolutionise our current approach to waste.

Sulapac’s sustainable alternative packaging beat over 200 applicants across Europe, and trumped five other finalists from Germany, France, Ireland and the Netherlands to win the award. The judges agreed that Sulapac’s concept has a huge impact on plastic waste — one of the biggest problems of our time. Check out what else they said about Sulapac here

They’ve also won an award for their elegant Kohinoor jewellery packaging in collaboration with silverware company Kultakeskus. ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. They said that Sulapac is a ‘perfect fit for luxury products and brands with ecological values.’

Sulapac have also picked up a prize at the Sustainable Beauty Awards in Paris, winning the ‘Sustainable Packaging’ category, and won the ‘Best Green Packaging Solution’ at the LUXE PACK in Green Awards last October in Monaco. 

Incredible stuff from a startup — we can’t wait to see what’s next