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Top 10 Classic Danish Delicacies To Try

Smørrebrød If there’s one thing you could call the quintessential Danish dish, it’d be the smørrebrød: the Danish open sandwich. This can be eaten as a snack or for any of the three meals of the day. The base is …


7 Weird & Wonderful Icelandic Dishes For The Brave

Icelandic dishes have long held a reputation for being a little bit what mainstream western cuisine would class as ‘obscure’. Like all Nordic nations, the Icelandic diet comprises of whatever resources are readily available – fish from the sea around …

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Midsummer: The Most Nordic of Celebrations

Midsummer’s Eve is quite possibly the most Nordic of celebrations, and one that is so important that it even rivals Christmas as the most important holiday in the Nordic calendar. Midsummer marks the start of the annual summer holiday and …